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Deep Visibility

Get deep visibility & actionable insights across your entire sales team in seconds. We leverage agile tools and best practice, and powerful visualisation to give you instant understanding of the deal flow and pipeline development for your entire sales org. No more digging through the CRM - everything you need to know in a single glance.

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Heresy gives us a much better visibility than we had before. It takes 10 seconds to get a good sense of what’s going on and I don’t have to spend too much time trying to figure out the details.

Kristen Habacht, VP Sales

AI Forecasting

Combine machine learning and powerful visualisation for the ultimate sales forecasting experience. Not only will Heresy tell you where you're going to be at the end of the forecasting cycle, it will also map your journey there. See your entire team's committed deals, when they are expected to close, where in the pipeline they sit and what that means for your overall performance. Spot problems early, address them and ensure your team is always at goal.

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The numbers on Heresy are by far the most accurate we’ve ever had.

Luke Jones, Commercial Director

Give Salesforce some Sass

Your team can now work in the intuitive, visually-stimulating drag-and-drop world of Heresy, while always keeping Salesforce opportunities up to date. Heresy's two-way connector insures that all CRM data is kept accurate with a fraction of the effort that would be usually required.

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Heresy is the SFDC front-end our team likes

Kes Thygesen, Chief Product Officer

Targeted Insights for Better Coaching

What would your team's performance look like if you could read your team's mind and find out what your reps struggled the most with? Heresy helps you identify the areas of the sales process reps need the most help with, so you can provide them with tailored coaching, making them better, quicker.

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Heresy is groundbreaking relative to how you’ll approach sales management. Any organisation serious about sales should be on it.

Jeffrey Szczepanski, COO

Prescriptive Analytics

Reduce the number of stale deals by getting early warnings on opportunities that may be endangered. Know exactly which opportunities you need to address with your team during your next pipeline review meeting. Heresy uses ML to analyse reps' pipeline tenancy and sends you visual alerts as soon as a deal strays from its historical norms.

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We were looking for structure and visibility and Heresy has given us both right of the cuff

Mitchell Powers, Head of Sales

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