Heresy is shutting down

We founded Heresy in 2017 with the vision to make sales as precise and predictable as engineering. We wanted to finally bring to sales the collaboration, team cohesion and camaraderie seen in agile developer teams. While we made tremendous progress over the past three years, many of the problems we planned to tackle remain unsolved. We wish the amazing Heresy team could have been the ones to do it. We certainly gave it our all. We'd like to thank everyone who believed in us and supported us on this journey: all our customers, our investors, employees, spouses and families.

Heresy will cease service on April 1st 2020, but Svilen and I remain committed to our vision. Our unique sales methodology has successfully transformed a number of sales teams over the past three years and we have accumulated an awful lot of experience we are keen to share. If you think we can help you, you can get in touch at [email protected].

Dimitar Stanimiroff
Co-founder & CEO