Sales is broken, let’s fix it.

The days of dogmatic, top-down sales management are over! We are bringing Agile to the world of Sales. Our mission is to empower salespeople, increase collaboration and enable them to make better decisions. We are doing this by not only introducing a new tool, but a whole new methodology.

Our journey


Around the summer of 2009, Dimitar is introduced to Agile. He's fascinated by how effective Scrum could be in managing software projects and soon after starts experimenting with adapting the framework, so that it can be applied to Sales - something he imaginatively calls "Agile Sales".


In the summer of 2011, Dimitar joins Stack Overflow as Head of Europe and introduces the "Agile Sales" approach to his quickly-expanding sales team. This works really well and soon after Stack Overflow adopts Agile Sales across all of its sales offices.


In the summer of 2013, Dimitar and the Stack Overflow team starts developing an internal tool ("Heresy v0.5") to support the initiative. Stack Overflow uses the tool to scale its global salesforce from about 25 to over 120 people, consistently smashing sales targets.


In the summer of 2016, Dimitar leaves Stack Overflow and co-founds Heresy with long-term friend Svilen. Jack joins them soon after and Heresy quickly starts taking form.


In the summer of 2017, Heresy announces a seed round lead by LAUNCHub Ventures, AngelList, Seedcamp and the London Co-Investment Fund.


Dimitar Stanimiroff

Co-founder & CEO

Svilen Gospodinov

Co-founder & CTO

Jack Barker

Senior Front-end Engineer

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James Stickland

CEO, Veridium

Joel Spolsky

CEO, Stack Overflow

Michael Pryor

Head of Product, Trello at Atlassian

Jeff Szczepanski

COO, Culture Trip


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