"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication"
Leonardo Da Vinci

Deals Board


Easily view yours or your team's deals all in one place. Use filters to drill-down to specific taxonomies.


Organise deals within a Kanban layout, giving you a clear picture of what needs to be worked next.

Status & Health Indicators

Indicators on your deals tell you when you need to act and why.

Intuitive Interface

Edit Salesforce or HubSpot deals in an intuitive way straight from your board, without having to leave the app.

In-app Communication

Talk to anyone on your team about a specific deal using our slick messaging feature.



Visualise to-date revenue vs predicted revenue for you and your team's current forecasting cycle.

Future Burn-up

Visualise expected revenue for your upcoming forecasting cycles and plan ahead.

AI Forecasting

View the best-case scenario, AI-powered forecasts or velocity forecasts to predict outcomes.

Sales Velocity

Keep an eye on you and your team's current velocity, helping you to stay on course for goal.


Win/Loss Ratio

Check on win/loss ratios for you and your team and find out which parts of the sales process they need to work on in order to improve their performance.

Closing Metrics

Get various closing metrics in order to set yourself and your team targets to beat.

Forecasting Accuracy

Visualise how accurate you and your reps forecasting abilities and company targets are.

Pipeline Probability

The exact statistical probability of deals closing based on where in the pipeline they are; calculated for each member of your team.


Pipeline Development

See how the pipeline is looking within a specific period, helping you to focus on specific bandwidth weaknesses.

At Risk

Get a clear idea of the current health of your pipeline and your overall exposure to missing quota.


Team Hierarchies

Create teams and teams-of-teams to help differentiate departments or regions within your company.



Leverage healthy competition within your team by allowing users to see where they rank by revenue or number of deals.


Win awards for specific behaviors and milestones met.



Get sent weekly or bi-weekly reports with a brief overview of the current state of affairs.

Browser Notifications

Turn on browser notifications so you can be notified as soon as anything significant happens in your team.

Slack Integration

Integrate with Slack so you and your team can see what's going on in Heresy without needing to log in.

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