"Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication"
Leonardo Da Vinci

Deals Board

Stop running around the labyrinth of your CRM trying to figure out what deals you'll close in order to hit goal. The Deals Board lets you organise and visualise your month/quarter to ensure you always hit your sales target.

Forgetting to follow up with your prospects? Not following up is a cardinal sin of sales, but we're all so busy it's a pretty easy thing to do. Luckily, Heresy's got your back. You can add a reminder to any deal, which will prompt you to act when the time is right. No more neglected contacts!

For most reps, there will be the occasional deal that slips. Heresy assumes the role of a concerned friend by highlighting your slipping deals. It also highlights deals that it thinks have been too long in their current pipeline stage, based on past success data. As a result, you'll notice a drop in the number of awkward conversations with your manager.


Want to know how you are tracking against your target? Want to see where you'll be a week from now? How about two weeks? End of the month? That's a job for the Heresy Burndown - one quick glance and you've got your answer. It's simple, yet contains everything you'll need to track your progress.

Heresy helps you see how your entire sales team is performing, showing you how each and every team member is contributing to the overall success of the team. We send you real-time updates when your colleagues close a deal, so you can give them that well-deserved pat on the back.


Seeing is believing, believing is achieving. The Expected forecasting mode allows you to visualise your sales performance according to your own expectations so you can work towards making it a reality.

The Velocity forecasting mode uses your performance so far in a given month/quarter to predict the number you'll finish on.

You often hear that sales is a mix of art and science. This forecasting mode is the perfect blend between the two. It visualises your best case scenario, while taking into account where in the pipeline forecasted deals sit and what the respective probability of closing is. It's the special sauce to compliment your forecasts.

Deals Board

Want to know where the biggest risks and opportunities lie in a given month or quarter? Which rep has won or lost the most deals so far? You no longer need to spend hours digging around your CRM to get answers to these questions. Heresy gives you a single view of what the month/quarter looks like for all of your reps. Air traffic control for sales!

No one likes calling "bullshit" on forecasted deals, but unfortunately that's often part of the job. Heresy gives you early warnings on deals that are likely to go south, way before it happens. This enables you to address potential issues with your reps with plenty of time to turn things around.


Is my team going to hit target this month? What about two months from now? How can I track my team's current and expected progress? These are the questions that keep sales managers awake at night. Introducing one graph to rule them all: The Burndown. The Heresy Burndown gives you a bird's-eye view of your entire team, plotted over time. It's like a map of your journey through the month/quarter. Navigate your way to goal!


Visualise your team's expectations for the month/quarter. You'll quickly spot possible optimism biases, which will help you steer your team towards more realistic outcomes.

The Velocity forecasting mode uses your team's performance in a given month/quarter to predict the number your team will finish on. It could be used as an early "wake up call" or a great motivator, depending on the situation.

The perfect blend between art and science. It visualises your team's best case scenario, while taking into account where in the pipeline forecasted deals sit and what the respective probability of closing is. It helps you identify potential problems ahead of time and address them before it's too late.

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